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  • Perform the spatial, land use and human settlements planning functions of the national development planning system established under the National Development Planning Commission Act, 1994 (Act 479) and the National Development Planning (System) Act, 1994 (Act 480);

  • Prepare and provide for the technical human settlements planning component as may be required by the National Development Planning Commission for inclusion in the national development plans or infrastructure plan prepared by the Commission pursuant to Acts 479 and 480;

  • Prescribe the format and content of  the spatial develop ment framework, structure plans and local plans;

  • Provide directions, guidelines and manuals for spatial planning;

  • Develop the capacities of the district assemblies and other institutions for effective performance of their spatial planning and human settlement management functions;

  • Ensure efficiency in the development control function at nationa l, regional  and  district  levels  through  the decentralised governance structures;

  • Ensure that the District Assemblies in collaboration with the development institutions perform site and service programmes for the purpose of development;

  • Provide guidance on the requisite human and material resources for the performance of the spatial planning and physical development functions at all levels;

  • Ensure the control of physical development in uncontrolled or less controlled but sensitive areas such as forest reserves, nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, green belts, coastal wetlands, water bodies, water catchment areas, mining areas, open spaces and public parks;

  • Ensure that the exploitative use of natural resources for agriculture, mining, industry and other related activities do not adversely impact on human settlements;

  • Collaborate with relevant agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Minerals Commission and the Forestry Commission, to ensure adequate reclamation or eco-regeneration of natural resource areas which have been exploited;

  • Oversee the implementation of approved policies regarding spatial planning and physical development within the country;

  • Give guidance and monitor district assemblies and gener- ally advise the Minister on policy options and implementa- tion under the Act;

  • Give directives and guidelines as appropriate on development control  functions in conformity with the Act;

  • Prepare national spatial development framework plan and evaluate regional and district spatial development framework to ensure conformity with the national spatial development framework and the requirements of the Act;

  • Recommend relevant Regulations to be made by the Minister;

  • Issue guidelines and regulatory notices to ensure compliance with this Act;

  • Ensure a continual review, effective planning and management of human settlements and spatial planning policies;

  • Ensure attainment of a balanced distribution of urban popu- lation and a spatially integrated hierarchy of human settlements to support the socio-economic development of the country;

  • Facilitate improvement in the natural and built environ- ment, and ultimately the quality of life for the population in rural and urban settlements;

  • Ensure continued revision of spatial development framework, structure and local plans to guide the development of human settlements in Ghana;

  • Encourage the private sector to partner the public sector in financing the development and management of human settlements and related physical development;

  • Create a regime that enables district assemblies to acquire land in order to prevent or reverse depressed settlements;

  • Establish spatial planning and land use database;

  • Ensure the creation of appropriate zoning schemes and also prevent encroachments or breach of zoning schemes;

  • Facilitate the creation of an institutional framework that ensures the effective operation of the Act at all levels;

  • Ensure the establishment of an inter-sectoral approach to decision making in spatial planning in accordance with the development objective of government to attain a coordinated approach to development; and

  • Perform any other function as may be directed by the Minister.

  • Ensuring that the land use plans prepared by the District Physical Planning Departments reflect the Medium Term Development Plans.

  • Ensuring the harmonization of spatial plans of the MMDAs.

  • Leading the process of preparing Regional Spatial Development Frameworks.

  • Monitoring and ensuring quality control of spatial and land use plans at the District level.

  • Overseeing operations of the districts without established physical planning offices or professional planners.

  • Providing technical guidance for both public and private institutions and individuals.

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